Product Feature – Hooves & Love

Product Feature – Hooves & Love

I’m so excited to share some images from my recent collaboration with Hooves & Love. Over the last year I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emma and this is now the third gift box I’ve received from her collection.
When asked what I’d like to choose, I opted for the ‘Ultimate Finish’ gift box which is a high quality grooming set consisting of a Haas Body brush, a Dandy brush, a smaller face brush and a hoof pick.

As I’ve come to expect from these gift boxes, the attention to detail is so well thought through, which really creates an experience when unboxing.

The box is wrapped with purple tissue paper and a purple ribbon bow, and accompanying it is a hand-written card, sealed in an envelope with branded wax seal. Every detail is on brand and oozes luxury. Hand written messages always show that your custom is valued by the company and they add a personal touch that often larger companies lack.

If ever there was a time to spend a few extra hours grooming our horses, then now is the time. Not only are their summer coats coming through, but at time of posting, we’re 6 weeks into Covid-19 lockdown and many of us (myself included) are spending every spare moment with our horses and enjoying the extra time to bond with them. (I must add that I’m very lucky to have my horses at home and I understand that not everybody is able to visit their horses during these difficult times).

With this gift box, there is the option for personalisation on all 4 products. I love personalisation and if the option is there, I will usually go for it! For my products, I chose to have my initials engraved on them. However I’ve also seen other examples with your full name on, horse’s name or even your instagram handle! In particular for a gift, I love the personal touch that it adds and makes it even more special for the recipient. It’s also a practical option if you share your yard with others, or to prevent people accidentally picking up your grooming products at shows for examples.

The grooming products are all of the highest quality with all of the brushes being wooden backed. Emma (owner of Hooves & Love) hand picks the products she offers, based on their quality so I always feel assured that the products will stand up to the test of time and be practical around the stable yard. Hooves & Love also offer a ‘Duet Gift Box’ with just the Dandy brush and Body brush.

A huge thank you to Hooves & Love for gifting me this beautiful product. The grooming set will be kept in the horsebox as my best set for travelling to shows and I look forward to getting years of use out of them.
Jasmine x

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