Product Feature – Equilibrium Massage Pad

Product Feature – Equilibrium Massage Pad

I received my first Equilibrium Massage Pad nearly 7 years ago, when I chose it as my prize during Equilibrium’s Rising Star competition. Since then, it’s become a key part of our kit and I’ve continued to work with Equilibrium during this time too. As my massage pad has had so much use (it’s been to HOYS with us, made countless trips in and out of the lorry, and even been to Belgium!), Equilibrium very kindly sent me a new one recently, which features a slightly different design to my old one!

I recently met with Equilibrium at BETA International and what I love about their products is that they are all designed as solutions to problems they have faced with their own horses. A huge amount of research goes into their products, and the Massage Pad has been clinically proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation.

The Massage Pad covers from the withers to the quarters, is shaped to follow the contour of the horses back, and has adjustable straps, to enable a close fit.

There are 3 settings, which can be selected by the hand held controller, and each session lasts for 30 minutes.
Each setting uses 3 different types of massage – pulsing, vibration and stroking –to ensure all muscles are worked in different ways. I like to use the Massage Pad as part of my warm up, prior to riding. I love that I can leave my horses tied up with a haynet and the Massage Pad on, and continue my yard jobs, knowing their muscles are being warmed up before I ride. The horses virtually fall asleep when it’s on too, so it’s great for mentally relaxing your horse prior to riding, as well as the physical benefits.

Other uses include after exercise to help remove toxins and avoid the build up of lactic acid, encouraging blood flow for horses on box rest, and to help alleviate back pain.

The Massage Pad comes in a holdall with handles, which makes it easy to store, keep clean, and transport to shows. It’s fitted with a removable battery which can be unplugged when it needs charging. The battery lasts for ages, and an overnight charge means it’s good to go for another month or so. It’s a low maintenance piece of kit, which is straight-forward to use and therefore fits in with a busy yard and hectic lifestyle!

The retail cost is £325, and there is also an X-Large size available for an additional £20 cost. As I’ve mentioned, my first Massage Pad is still in working order after 7 years so the investment value is fantastic. I have no doubts that the new one will do me another 7 years at least!

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  1. Mandy Horner

    I am in the process of saving for one of these as my boy is so calm relaxed and willing to work after having just a clip with electric clippers… So I think this is my go to routine bit of equipment to get… Just wish I could save a bit faster..

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