Product Feature – Cryochaps

Product Feature – Cryochaps

I was browsing Facebook when I stumbled across an interesting video, demonstrating the benefits of cooling therapy (cryotherapy) for horses legs. This got me thinking about my own horses and how they could benefit from ice boots; my 17yo mare Clio who has a lot of miles on the clock, and my younger mare who, of course, I want to protect for years to come. I then researched the different brands of ice therapy, and from this research and the vast amount of recommendations I found online, I chose Cryochaps.

I opted to go for a quad set (retailing at £162) and they arrived the very next day! The design of these is fantastic. The chaps comprise of an ice gel section and a neoprene velcro wrap, secured together to form each chap. The gel filled compartments are flexible and mould to the horse’s leg, even when they’re straight out of the freezer! The design of these means that they are easy to apply, fit snug to the horses leg and the neoprene stretch provides compression, which is essential in recovery. Their generous length means that all of the major tendons and ligaments in the lower leg are cooled by the chaps.

I’ve taken these to a couple of shows now and they will remain a vital part of my show kit! After a night in the freezer, I put them in a cool bag in the lorry and they are still icy cold when I apply them after competition, meaning they are not limited to those who have freezers in the lorry (I can dream!).

As an amateur rider, I’m a great believer in doing everything I can to keep my horses sound for years to come. This is an innovative product, designed through extensive research, for horses after exercise or after injury. For more information or to order your own set, head over to

Thank you Cryochaps!

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