January Round Up

January Round Up

January kicked off for us after a lovely 3 week break! Traditionally I’ve had shows on closer to Christmas and resuming soon after, so it was quite nice the way this year worked out, giving me a nice festive break to completely unwind and spend time with horses and loved ones!

January is a funny month. Generally we have less shows on, sales are down after Christmas, the weather is bad, shows are cancelled and the summer season seems a long way off, As January’s go however, this one hasn’t been so bad! We’ve taken on some shows at Hartpury which have been a great addition to the calendar – being indoors in the warm is a bonus too! We’ve covered 3 days of showjumping and arena Eventing for Horse-Events at Wickstead, 3 days of showjumping at Hartpury and 3 days of showjumping and Dressage at Summerhouse so have certainly kept busy!

Photoshoots are always quieter at this time of year, but we had a first time commercial shoot with Pegasus Jewellery earlier in the month, and have a couple more exciting shoots confirmed with other equine companies too!

I like to use this time of year to get organised for the season ahead, and am thrilled to have the diary nearly full until the end of summer, I’ve already started to liaise with our freelance photographers to get them booked in for the season. Upcoming tasks will now include booking accommodation where necessary and continuing to make improvements to our onsite and online customer service.

February is already looking busy, plus my partner and I are squeezing in a week long break in Tenerife before the summer season kicks off. .

Here’s hoping the weather is kinder to us than last year! In the first 4 months last year, we’d had 12 days of cancellations and postponements due to the weather so I think a mild winter is much deserved!
See below where you can find us this February;

  • 3rd Feb – Hartpury BD
  • 9-10th Feb – Wickstead Schools SJ
  • 14-16th Feb – Summerhouse BD Winter Regionals
  • 16-17th Feb – Wickstead Arena Eventing
  • 23-24th Feb – Hartpury BS
  • 24th Feb – Wickstead unaff SJ

Jasmine x

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